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Package Design

At International Packaging Group, we specialize in helping you design your package for your product. We gladly accept any kind of product, no matter how uniquely shaped it they are. Put your product in our design expert’s hands, and within 48 hours, we will have a prototype design for your packaging. We have helped numerous companies, both big and small, create and design their product packaging.

Our team has 27 years of experience behind them, and we can walk you through our package design processes to help move your product to customers. We are equipped to create a custom design for your packaging, making it as unique as your product is. Contact us today, and we will get the process of designing your product packaging started today.


We have 25 years of custom package design experience.

Our Process

We look at every aspect of your product, from height and width dimensions to weight and shape dimensions, and we determine how we can best construct, pack, and ship your product on a standard truckload. Through this process, we save you time, money, and the headache of balancing this intricate packaging process, so you can focus on the other aspects of your business.

We make every design with your company and your customer in mind. When we are working for you, we work with you, keeping you updated and involved. At International Packaging Group, we work as consultants to you, offering our years of expertise on how to design packaging for your product. If you are curious about how best to package your product because of its unique size or shape, give us a call, and we will meet with you to discuss how we can package it for you.

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